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“Loopt debacle…”

July 16, 2008

I was pretty shocked and surprised at the news that Loopt had a fairly egregious violation of user trust.

When the FireEagle team built their product, privacy was not only their foremost concern… it was in fact pretty much the main “feature” of the product.

Loopt has done the right thing and put their hand up and said “our bad!”


DLD Conference

January 21, 2008

Richard Dawkins & Craig Venter

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I’m at the DLD Conference in Munich.

This is my first time at DLD (though I’ve been to Munich many times for other conferences and personal visits. It’s a city that I love.)

The conference agenda is pretty thrilling. Apparently a lot of folks stop through DLD on their way to Davos, so the quality of speakers is outstanding. About the only challenge is that the conference is oversold by about 2x. The facility is busting at the seams, and simply navigating around into the sessions is practically impossible.

I’m on an “Exploding Media” panel tomorrow, with Clay Shirky, Jeff Jarvis, Marissa Mayer and Peter Hirschberg. Looking forward to it…

Open Data is Good for Democracy

December 12, 2007

I recently attended a fantastic, inspiring event… The Open Government Working Group hosted by OReilly Media in Sebastopol… I blogged about it on the Next* blog…

Valleywag fishes, Brickhouse thriving!

September 25, 2007

I read this post with some measure of amusement. We’ll be unveiling 3 or 4 major initiatives before the end of the year, which really represent the first complete turn-of-the-crank for the Brickhouse / Advanced Products model. Brickhouse is thriving. You’ll be hearing more about these soon, and though I’m quite tempted to crow about them now… I’ll resist.

Regarding the departures, Pipes “graduated” from Brickhouse (and hence left my group) several quarters ago. (And Ed had actually moved on from Pipes months ago.) From concept to hand-off Pasha spent more than a year on the project – frankly longer than we generally plan for… Our model is literally based on the premise that the DNA required to innovate as a “founder” on a small team is fundamentally different than the DNA required to operate on ongoing concern within a big company. (Hence Brickhouse.) Hence this kind of turnover is not only expected, but anticipated and baked into the model. We definitely ask our “founders” to help with tech transfer and transition, which both Pasha and Ed did in a totally responsible fashion. I know they both want to see Pipes succeed.

Frankly, my group is almost designed for “churn.” I’ve been psyched to have “spun in” folks like Marc Davis (into our Connected Life business unit), Cameron Marlow (into Yahoo! Research), Matthew Rothenberg (into Flickr), etc. It’s definitely a drag when talented folks “spin out” of my group and leave Yahoo, but it happens. Sometimes they go to Google. Sometimes they come back from Google. In fact that happened to Pasha. 😉

I’ve got nothing but respect and admiration for both Ed and Pasha, and definitely wish them well. We’ll miss them, but Brickhouse is thriving. Go Fish!

O’Reilly and Battelle on Hadoop

August 4, 2007

Doug Cutting’s presence at Yahoo is noticed and celebrated by O’Reilly and Battelle. I’m pretty proud that the good folks of Yahoo Search (and especially Raymie) made this happen. Congrats guys.

Cool word of the day: Idearrhea

August 1, 2007

Someone just intro’d me to the word, idearrhea – idea/rrhea, i.e. diarrhea of ideas. The word doesn’t have much takeup yet, though there is an with some really funny cat/kitten photos.

This sounds familiar…

June 29, 2007

From the Wall Street Journal… “Google has begun experimenting with the creation of offsite “skunkworks” operations to develop cutting-edge products and separating out parts of the business to be run as more autonomous units within the company.”


Best Magic of UK Hack Day? I disappeared!

June 26, 2007

Matt offers a great post on the “magic” of Yahoo’s Hack Days… I had the pleasure of attending the most recent Open Hack Day in London…

For me the most magical thing about it was my utter lack of involvement. 😉 I did not help organize, coordinate, oversee, judge, etc. I went strictly as a spectator… It’s so cool when an idea takes on a life of its own… The team did an amazing job, perfectly capturing the spirit of the program (but with an appropriate and unique EU flavor…)

Reminds me: Tom Coates mentioned recently that he got a kick out of seeing the name Fire Eagle starting to do the rounds… It was the silliest name he could come up with. I like it.

Happy Anniversary, Bob…

May 5, 2007

He married Isis on the fifth day of may…

Legally here.

Freeway Collapse

April 29, 2007

Freeway Collapse on Highway 580 Eastbound

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Ugh! The freeway collapse was about 1.3 miles from my house, and unfortunately between me and Sunnyvale… That means I’m liable to have some “interesting” commutes for the next few months. Fortunately, Brickhouse is open for business!

I could have just been my paranoia but the neighborhood already seemed congested today… I heard one TV announcer suggest that commuters trying to get to 880 from San Francisco could head north and exit at Ashby. This basically turns my neighborhood (Ashby, San Pablo, Hollis, etc.) into the detour.

There have been choppers overhead all day… I am surprised we didn’t hear or smell anything last night/this morning.