Songs with tribal / marching band drums…

Love those jungle drums. Irresistible, primal, they got you.

Winners in respective categories:

Best Non-Gimmicky Use
Radiohead, There There

Best Gimmicky Use
Toni Basil, Mickey
Runner up: Gwen Stefani, Hollaback Girl

Best Incorporation of Marching Band
Fleetwood Mac, Tusk

Best Actual Marching Band
Pride of Arizona, Radiohead Medley

What are some others?


6 Responses to “Songs with tribal / marching band drums…”

  1. Josh McHugh Says:

    Li’l Kim – The Jump Off

  2. Ken Norton Says:

    The Stooges – 1969
    Sympathy for the Devil – Rolling Stones

  3. Siobhan Says:

    Mucca Pazza – for best slightly deranged hipster marching band. Skip to 0:48 seconds in (beginning is slow) I saw these guys at Renegade Craft Fair – pretty rad 🙂

  4. Halloran Says:

    Come Talk to Me by Peter Gabriel. And much of Paul Simon’s Graceland album deserves mention.

    But I’m dating myself….

    Thanks for he great question!!!

  5. Neela Says:

    Wow…not quite the post I was expecting from you … LOL

    I never would have guessed that you listen to Gwen Stefanie you learn something new everyday

  6. Ronnie Somerville Says:

    “Action Time Vision” (1978, Deptford Fun City, 7″, DFC07) by

    Alternative TV

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