Video of Martin Friedmann

In an effort to remove physical clutter around my house between gigs, I bought a cool device: the Pinnacle Video Transfer unit. The device is cheap ($129), accessible (bought mine at Best Buy) and works exactly as advertised.

One of the things I ripped was my old VHS copy of the memorial that Ali put together for Martin’s memorial. When I eulogized him, I said – “To those who knew him, no explanation is necessary… To those who didn’t, no explanation is possible…”

Well even if you didn’t now him, this video gives a taste:

More about Martin here… He’d have loved Google.


One Response to “Video of Martin Friedmann”

  1. Jim Reische Says:

    Thank you, Bradley. I wasn’t ready for this–especially for the video footage. I’ve gone through my photos a million times over the years. But to see Martin in motion again, was… well, you know.

    That clip about the Fourier transform is the best thing ever. When he talks about how you just have to take what you don’t know and put it over here in this big black box, it sums up a big part of everything that was going on. More than he knew, even.

    Erika Herzog just started a Facebook page for Halfass alumni. It would be great if you wanted to post this video or some photos of Marty there. I’m going to dig through my archives over the break and see what I can come up with.

    Happy holidays, Bradley.


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