Relaunch of…

A couple weeks ago our team relaunched

Simply, it’s a place where we can show you some cool stuff happening at Yahoo. I shared more on the yodel blog.

William White and team just launched this very cool embeddable music player there. Timely too… Now instead of just linking to MP3s like I did in a previous post, listening to my old band is now just click away (or even less than a click if I’d selected autoplay…)

Go subscribe to next to keep apprised of what we’re up to over here…


4 Responses to “Relaunch of…”

  1. Joe Lazarus Says:

    I like the slim player and the custom colors that you have here on this post. How did you do that? Is there documentation on the customization options?

  2. Joe Lazarus Says:

    Ah, never mind. I missed the link on William’s post…

  3. cat Says:

    At a glance, Yodel and Next appear to do the same thing – product development.

    Im supposing that Next however is more about really “next-level” stuff that hasn’t been launched yet. Or have an official Yahoo brand attached to it. ie. Yahoo! Messenger as opposed to Easylistener.

    Which makes one wonder, how much further a Next product like Easylistener has to go before having a Yahoo! brand name (if that is what’s planned for it)!

    Cheers šŸ™‚

  4. Bradley Horowitz Says:

    Yep you got it. Next is for stuff that may (or may not) be coming up next… Next will be focused on innovation. Yodel is for more general corporate communication.

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